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My Santa dolls are handmade in my Pineville, North Carolina home. Each Santa is a collectable work of art. No two Santa's are alike and each Santa has its own unique personality. Their costumes are all handmade. Each Santa's face is hand sculptured from polymer clay with glass eyes and the best quality lamb's wool beards available. Each Santa is constructed with a wood frame and wire armature and wood base. The Santa sizes are 21", 28" and 48" tall. They are all made with quality fabrics with vintage and recycled materials. Each Santa has a theme carrying personalized gifts and toys. They come with accessories including toys, animals, greenery, etc. Each Santa doll is signed and dated. Every Santa is unique with a lot of attention to detail. Santa is a part of every Christmas and will make a great gift. They promise to bring many years of enjoyment. There is one of each Santa and will be marked sold on a first come basis.  These handmade Christmas Decorations are beautiful and cheerful and will add comic relief and joy to children and adults alike.  Upon request, I can create a specialized Santa for you, your friends or relatives. Every Santa is made with love and the best quality and can be passed down from genreation to generation. All my Santas need good homes.  Love, Susan.


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